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RCFE License#: 397002682

Location and Address

sunny place       

The Facility:

We are located in the City of Stockton, California.  The unique designs of this gated community make this one of a kind non-medical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly...very different from other care providers.

The Administrator:

The administrator, who also is the owner, ensures that only well trained dedicated Caregivers and staff can provide the care, concern, and compassion that each resident uniquely needs.

The Caregiver and Staff:

We understand that the residents take priority; this is why our facility is named "Sunny Place" (or Smile Place).  Seniors need help, and it is our responsibility to provide them the services they deserve. 

Sunny Place Caregiver and staff are ready to listen to all concerns. We will provide the highest quality of services for the best value of your money...we promise!